Sunday, January 22, 2012

Month Four Must Haves

This month Grayson has been starting to actually PLAY with things. He wants to figure them out, he wants to see how they work and he wants to interact with them. I absolutely love it, because hes getting to be so independent and fun but it breaks my heart to see him grow up so quick.  My guess is that every momma and daddy out there knows this feeling all to darn well.

This month our favorite things are

He wasn't too sure of it at first, but he loves it now.  He realizes that he has to jump to get the music to keep playing and he really goes to town on this sucker.  Park him in this in front of the TV and I'm guaranteed about 30 minutes of un-interrupted time.  He was a little short at first, so we just stuck a Vera Bradley box under his feet and it works just fine.

Our neighbors bought Grayson this for Christmas and he is obsessed. If you press the large red button, then all of the instruments will play but you can hit each instrument individually then add others in.  Grayson loves hitting each light and watching the turtle make music.  He babbles away and presses buttons and its the cutest darn thing. 

At first Grayson wasn't too thrilled with this, until he realized that when sitting in it he is at eye level with Mom and Dad.  Now, he loves it. He sits in it all the time and couldn't be happier, especially when Mom and Dad are eating and hes on the kitchen table between us. We also take it to restaurants and don't have to worry about him falling out of a high chair.

Peek a Boo is our new favorite game, and this bunny is our favorite person to play with. If you cover his eyes with his ears, then uncover the bunny says "Peek A Boo!"  Grayson laughs every single time. He also lights up and sings songs and talks, and our teething little man has decided that this bunny's nose is one of the best things to chew on.

This has got to be one of my favorite toys. You plug Scout into your computer and after about 5 minutes he knows your kiddos name, favorite color, songs, food and animal.  When Grayson squeezes his paw and he starts to sing the Grayson song, he gets this look of wonder like "Hey, this puppy knows my name!"  It has tons of games, songs and features and is totally adorable. Oh and whenever he barks it scares the beans out of our two real dogs, which I have to admit is pretty darn funny.

Thats it for this month.  Now that both Grammys know we like toys, more and more have started to appear at our house- so Im sure Ill have a whole new crop next month. 


  1. I love the jumper! And I totally agree with Scout! My boys are 10 & 25 months and they both LOVE Scout!

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  3. I noticed you are using the bumbo on a table... You may want to google the bumbo recall as there are safety issues with the seat.


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