Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Update and BBQ Chicken Eggrolls

After getting the comment that the black comment box was hard to read, I agreed, so I switched it up a bit.  Hopefully this will be much easier for you lovelies to see.  Id love to have someone who actually knows what they're doing to do a blog layout for me, so if you know anyone (or if any of you do that yourselves) let me know!!

I also wanted to share that I got an email from Kim over at A Real-Life Housewife  about someone who literally copied my entire tips and ticks post and put it onto her blog as her own.  She was sweet enough to leave a comment, and I myself left her a bit of a snarker- which she probably deserved.  I was just kind of shocked that someone would take literally hours of my work and try and pass it off as their own, without even a simple link back.  I guess people will never cease to amaze me.  BUT, regardless of another persons rudeness I was super happy to hear from Kim because it reminded me to go back and check out all of her tips.  She was the genius behind putting the bag of vinegar on your shower head and it will dissolve all of the gunk, and  has some amazing  other tips that you should all check out!

I also wanted to share with you an amazingly easy appetizer recipe that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of before they were scarfed down- BBQ Chicken Eggrolls.

I bought a package of egg roll wrappers, a pound and a half of chicken breasts, and a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and I used some bbq sauce that we had on hand. 

I started by poaching the chicken breasts in some chicken broth and then once it was done I tossed it in the mixer to shred up.  Once it was cool I mixed in enough BBQ sauce to coat and a cup of shredded cheddar cheese.  Then I scooped a few tablespoons into the middle of an egg roll wrapper and rolled them up.  I sprayed a little cooking spray on the tops and popped them into a 400 degree oven for 10-12 minutes until they were nice and crispy. Then I loaded them onto a tray and served them with BBQ sauce for dipping.  They hold in the heat so they stayed warm for about 30 minutes, and taste pretty good cold as well.  Or at least I think they do.  I made about 30 of them and they were all gone after about 40 minutes of being at the party.  They also would taste yummy in wonton wrappers as smaller bites.

Now we're off to Home Depot to get some stuff for a project that hopefully Ill be able to share tomorrow with you all!


  1. Hey! I love your blog! Where did you get the recipe for this?

  2. I just kind of made it up. My husband is super picky and would eat BBQ chicken every night if I let Im always looking for new ways to eat it so it doesnt get boring! Thanks for the love, I really appreciate it!!

  3. The thing that really gets me is that she seems to think it's perfectly okay! I find myself curious to see if she is still posting stuff, so I occasionally pop on over, haha! She hasn't posted anything else but she closed the comments to members only.
    Anyways, your little boy is stinkin' cute! Love the pics of him in his sunglasses. :)

  4. Hello Bethany! I have the same bbq chicken recipe as well but I use grated parmesan cheese instead of the cheddar. The coating mixture I add some bread crumbs to add some crisp because I used skinless breasts. Its more healthier by removing the skin. Baked chicken is really one of the healthy chicken recipes that is a good alternative to grilled bbq and fried chicken.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the plagiarized blog post. People should understand that it is also a form of stealing, albeit this one involves intellectual property. Anyway, I'm glad you were still able to come up with those delicious-sounding barbeque chicken eggrolls, despite the bad news. For sure, no one will be able to steal that recipe from you now! :)

  6. Normally, our BBQ parties are limited to the family or neighborhood park, but your blog has inspired me to look further. Thanks a lot for the posting.


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