Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Lord, He is His Father's Child.

Sunday I decided that Grayson would get his first taste of peas.

I dont mind peas, they're not on my offensive veggie list (and oh trust me, there is a list). The hubs, however, HATES them. I vividly remember the first time I made beef stew. He took one sip of the broth and started gagging "EWW I CAN TASTE THE PEAS!!". Really? I put like a handful of frozen peas in a vat of soup- there was no way he could taste them. Now, he picks them out of everything they are in and makes a gagging noise at the offending peas.

Well, I got the little guy all situated in his high chair. He saw the spoon and like a good hungry boy opened his mouth and smiled.

Then he tasted the peas.

He gagged. Literally gagged and choked himself. Spit the peas out and gave me the 'You Crazy Momma' face. Then, that little bugger stuck his tongue out and proceeded to wipe his tongue on the sleeve of his shirt as to remove the offending taste from his mouth.

As I sat there in disbelief all I could think is "Dear Lord- He is his father’s child!!"

Later, after I stopped laughing, I really started to think. Besides the chubby cheeks, dimples and bald head Grayson is 100% Patrick’s son.

They have the same big blue eyes and the same super long eyelashes. He definitely has his Daddys big old head. They both never stop moving. They have the same temperament, and both have this desire to figure stuff out and to see how it works. I just know that someday I will come home to a taken apart electrical appliance because they both just wanted to see how it worked. They both love to go outside, even when its cold.

They both enjoy loud crazy noises- and making silly faces when Momma tries to take a picture.

Oh, and they even sleep alike.

Now, I saw all of these little things before but it never quite rang true until I saw the peas.

I guess its good that I wont mind at all if my little boy ends up just like his Daddy; even if it means hes a picky eater.

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  1. Ha! My husband is like that with several things, but mostly with Mayo! He wont EVEN touch the jar,wont kiss me after eating some unless I've brushed my teeth first! hehehe


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