Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its flip flop weather!

Its in the (low) 70's! In March! In Pittsburgh!

Of course this means it will probably snow in June but I don't care!

Today we broke out the flip flops and sunglasses and hit the streets to enjoy the sunshine, and of course the man child accompanied us.

Its also St Patty's Week- so we've been rocking the green Irish themed shirts all week. 

While we were out an about walking around the neighborhood I FINALLY managed to get a picture of the smile that shows off the two little pearly whites we have going on in there. 

As far as Im concerned, flip flops, short sleeves, sunglasses AND a teeth picture make for a really good day.


  1. All smiles!! I love it! here in WI were having WAY warm weather then we should for March. Too many people are lovin it, But lets see who loves it with mosquitoes and allergies start up. lol But I have to admit, Im liking it too. LOL Have a great day and thanks for the smiles!

  2. oh that little guy is too cute!


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