Monday, March 19, 2012

There is Nothing Like Ice Cream

There is a little cafe thats about three blocks away from our house.  Yesterday I noticed a sign "Ice Cream Cones $1"
Well, you dont have to tell us twice.
Today after dinner we packed the man child into the stroller and set off in search of our desert. Grayson has recently been obsessed with anything we are eating, opening his mouth like a little bird for a taste. My Momma went with us, and was all too happy to share her Vanilla cone with the little guy.

Lovelies, is safe to say it was a hit. 
One of my favorite stories about the hubs when he was little was that after his parents would put him and his little sister to bed, they would wait awhile and then creep to the freezer to get some ice cream.  From down the hall they would hear baby hubster's voice yelling "Are you having ice cream? I can smell it!!"  Before it was even out of the freezer- I guess he had ice cream ESP? 
After watching Grayson lick his baby lips for every last drop of the soft serve I can easily see that along with those baby blues Daddy passed on his love of the cold, creamy treat. Add one more thing to the Good Lord, He is his Father's Child List.

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  1. My husband and I are guilty of eating deserts or even ice cream after the kids go to bed.


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