Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Fever

Well, we made it 5 months with no real sickness. Then, on Sunday, it happened.

I picked the Man Child up out of his crib from a nap and as usual kissed the top of his bald head- lovelies, it burned my lips.

Took his temperature and it was a whopping 104 degrees...commence Momma freak out moment. I immediately called the hubs, to make sure I could read the thermometer right and wasn't hallucinating.  He confirmed the reading, and so we called the pediatrician.

LOVE that office, we had a doctor return our call within ten minutes.  So we started the Tylenol, put him in one loose layer and set about holding him at all hours since all he wanted was to be snuggled.  With the meds his fever went down to 102, which I still wasn't thrilled with.  So needless to say there was no sleeping in our house Sunday night. Monday morning it was off to Grammys for the day to get nursed back to health while Mommy tried not to fall asleep at her desk.

Well,  it took 24 hours but finally his fever went down to 99.3. Last night he slept like a little rock and I may or may not have been passed out stone cold at 8 PM. Today he's back to his beautiful happy self, but I'm still dragging. 

It makes no sense how in college, which really wasn't that long ago, I could pull all nighters or survive on 3 hours of sleep and be totally fine.  Have I really aged that much in 5 years??

I think so lovelies.

Now, the kiddo is in bed and I think Momma is going to take a respectable nap on the couch before going to bed myself.

Bouncing like a crazy man in his Daddy's hat- yep, hes back to normal!

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  1. Ah glad he's feeling better now. I hate seeing little ones sick. :/


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