Friday, March 23, 2012

Six Months Old

Grayson Boy,

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Pickle Baby!  Daddy woke up today all excited because today is your half birthday- and in this house we celebrate half birthdays! This month it seemed like you turned from a baby to a little man- you can sit up all on your own and don't need help from us.

  • You had your first bout of the stomach flu this month- starting off with your first fever. You were such a champ about it, and then you were nice enough to share it with Mommy. Lets get something straight, sweetheart, you share kisses with Momma and your sicky germs with Daddy. You even gave it to Grammy, that's how generous you were. It only lasted two days for you, and you were such a trooper.
  • When we took you to the Doctor for the flu you weighed in at 17 lbs 7 ounces and were 27 inches long, nestled happily in the 50th percentile.
  • You're wearing 6-9 month pants, but can still wear most of your 3-6 month shirts and jammies. Your pants just started to look like you were preparing for the flood, so we had to hit the stores. You're also ready for size 3 diapers, we're just finishing up the last of the size 2's so we don't waste them.
  • You ate your first french fry this month. You stole it off of Pappy John and decided you really like french fries. The other favorite snacks you discovered was honey wheat pretzels and ice cream. I have a feeling you are going to be just like Daddy and eat us out of house and home. You also started to drink from a cup, and can hold your own bottle (when you feel like it of course).
  • You're getting much more vocal, and now squeal with delight and growl when your angry. Usually both noises are loud, and Daddy and I just laugh because you sound so silly.
  • This month was also your first St. Patrick's Day- and we had so much fun celebrating Great Grandma Rose's Birthday with our lucky charm. You never got to meet her, but she would have ADORED you.  Daddy and I think she is one of your Guardian Angels, and we know she watches over you along with Great Grammy Doris.
  • We bought you a swing and slide for outside, and you love to swing. You laugh as you come close and go far away and could spend hours outside. 
  • We had lunch with Kristi, Chris and Marley one Saturday.  I let you sit on my lap next to Marley, and you reached right out and held her hand.Even though it was one of the cutest things Ive ever seen I still have to say no girlfriends yet, Bubbers, Momma's heart isn't ready for that yet.  
  • Youre not crawling yet, but you get up on all fours and rock yourself back and forth. You can scoot yourself backwards, and I have freqently had to save you from being stuck under the TV stand and coffee table. Daddy thinks any day now you're going to get that forward motion and take off!

That's about all for this month my little love- but I know there are a million things I'm forgetting. You do something new every day, and we're so excited to watch you grow up.  Thank you for choosing Daddy and Me to be your parents, its the best gift we've ever had!

Just look at how much you've changed so fast- its crazy!

Love Always and Forever-


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