Saturday, March 24, 2012

Month Six Must Haves

Its amazing to me that each month, the span of 30 days, I find new things for Grayson that we love and cant live without. But I guess when you have a bean who grows like a weed thats just the way it goes!

This was the month of the chapped cheeks, and all of the reviews said CJ's BUTTer. I picked some up at a local cloth diaper shop in a scent called (LOVE THIS) Monkey Farts. Its this delish smell of coconut and banana and is 100% natural and made in the USA. It cleared up dry chapped cheeks in a matter of 2 days. While we use the GroVia stick for diaper rash, I hear this works well for that as well along with about 40 other things. Bug bites, eczema, dry skin of any kind- heck you can even use it in curly hair. Its also cloth diaper friendly for those people whose children are not against wearing cloth like mine was.

These amazing little buggers suction cup onto strollers, high chairs, the tables in restaurants, etc.  They also light up, play music AND spin.  It keeps Grayson entertained for a good 20 or so minutes- and that's a good chunk of time if you're trying to eat dinner! They have several different versions, and at $9 each a few others will find their way into his Easter basket!

Lately Grayson has been obsessed with whatever we are eating, he forgets that he cant just chow down on a burger quite yet.  Someone suggested we try cutting up pieces of fresh fruit and putting them in this, so that he thinks he's eating as well. He hates bananas from a jar, but will scarf one down if he can suck it through this guy.  The tiny holes don't let food big enough to choke him get through, and the handle allows them to hold it themselves. Unless of course you're Gray, then you just expect us to hold it for you so you don't get your little hands dirty. No lie.

I thought Grayson would be too little for this, but he really does love it. He cant quite get the hang of putting the rings back on- but he can get them off in a hurry. Then they become fun things to chew on and play with. If you're willing to put them back on for him he'll play with them again and again, and each time he wrestles one off hes always so proud of himself he yells and giggles which always makes me melt.

I don't think I ever expressed my love for the Bundle Me Original, but it was one of the best things ever in the cold winter months. We never had to put a winter coat on Grayson to take him out, which made it super convenient. It had a fuzzy Sherpa lining that kept him nice and cozy. Now that its warmer out we need a thin version, so hence the "lite".  If you've never seen one before its basically a blanket that can zip on and off and attaches to your car seat.  Its a great alternative to blankets- this doesn't blow off in the wind!!- and bulky jackets that shouldn't be worn in the car anyway. The top part pulls up over the baby's face to keep him snug as a bug, and when Grayson refuses to nap all we have to do is plop him in his seat and pull this over his face and hes out like a light.  Plus the top part of this is also 100% weather resistant, so even if its raining the little bean wont get soaked!

The hubs is running in the half marathon this year, so he's been running a whole lot.  He wanted a jogging stroller so that he could take little man with him for some fresh air.  Everyone told me we needed a BOB- but dear lord I'm still recovering from the heart attack from that sticker shock. Plus we didn't know how often Patrick would really get to use it.  My MIL actually is the runner and she did all of the research and found and bought this one for us, and we love it.  It has a build in MP3 player so Grayson boy can listen to some tunes as Daddy runs, and its super light weight.  It also has a really good shock system, so we take it whenever we go walking in the neighborhood since some of the sidewalks are a bit uneven. If Grayson is passed out, he doesn't even notice the bumps.  I've never ran with it, as I only run if being chased, but those who have tell me its comparable to the more expensive models. If you're looking for a lightweight jogger without spending a ton of cash, I recommend this one!

Well, lovelies, thats all for this month!

If you've missed Months 1-5, check them out here!


  1. I found your blog through stumble and I love it :) I have a son who will be 8 months on April 7th they grow so fast don't they!

    I'm from the UK so we don't have the same things as you but I love your 'must haves' list. Mine right now would be our new pram; (, inflatable nest and playgym as he can't sit up yet ( and this suncream because we're having an unexpected heatwave!

    I'm going to bookmark your journal, it'll be good to read at 3am when my son won't sleep (he's an awful sleeper).

    Oh, and my name is Sarah and my son's name is Thomas :)

  2. Just a note - you may want to rethink your suggestion/support of the BundleMe - those things are actually pretty dangerous, and are illegal in many places! has some good information on the huge safety risks of those types of things.


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