Monday, July 23, 2012

First Road Trip- Check!

Hello, Lovelies!

We did it, we survived the first family road trip.  We spent 11 hours traveling in a car each way, and Grayson was amazing. He barely fussed and was easy peasy to entertain.  I was terrified to actually take him, but it worked out well. We even did alot of extensive car time while there, and he just took it all in stride.  Have I ever said I loved that boy? This trip would have turned into Momma's Drink Fest 2012 if he was a cranky little traveler.

Some things we did while we were there?

Well we had family pictures and Grayson's 9 Month pictures taken. You can see that proof here. We went to the Opryland hotel and walked around. We shopped (much to hub's dismay- but I did snag a BOB for $165 new in the box. SCORE! Now to just start actually running.) We took a 3 day trip to Chattanooga and stayed in a beautiful log cabin in Georgia. We tubed the Toccoa river and lost our video camera on the way down. We went to the zoo. We ate- alot. We swam. Grayson and his Pap became insta-best buds. We rode a carousel and went to a baseball game. 

Now, I need a vacation from the vacation. Or at least someone to come unpack all of the crap currently littering my hallway.

Here are some pictures of the trip!

Walking around the hotel checking out the fountains. The tall kid- hes 11- and I remember when he was Graysons size. Talk about feeling olllddd.

Petting sharks and sting rays at the aquarium.

Like I said- Pappy = Insta Best Buddy.

The Ocoee River- Home of the 1996 Olympics. They open the dam to raise the water, or close it to let it go dry. Its dry in this picture but usually all of this is under water.

Yelling to be given back to his pap. Sigh.

Our cabin for the week- complete with one HUGE moose.

Sharing a cookie with Pap at a Nashville Sounds Game.

Check out them cookie lips.


Love this kid.

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