Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

So yesterday I was supposed to pop in with my free dresser update- however yesterday the man child decided that if I left his side for a nano-second it was epic melt down time.  Like seriously, he was attached to my hip and would cry if I set him on the floor so I could pee. It was crazy because if you know my kid, you know he could usually care less if I'm even in the room! I couldn't even so much as open the computer without him banging on every single key and creating folders on the desktop and changing the size of my icons. Blogging wasn't happening, that was for sure.  Hopefully today he will be a little more independent and I can get some stuff done...pleaseohpleaseohplease.

Anywho- on with the wordless part of this post-

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! 

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