Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tell Me About Williamsburg...

Hello, Lovelies! Happy Tuesday!

It is around here, because I just booked 3 nights in Williamsburg, VA at The Historic Powhatan Resort on Groupon for a little mini-cation before I go back to school.

I know that there are lots of things to do down there, but remember, Grayson really could give two craps about a battle field.  Unless it has a sweet playground, he's not really interested. I was wondering if anyone knows anything little man would enjoy that we can check out down there.  This includes food- so if you know any sweet restaurants, I'd appreciate the tip!

I know we definitely want to drive to a beach for the day- I'm thinking Virginia Beach, but I'm not 100% sold on anything except there will be sand and salt water during my stay.  I would have LOVED to find somewhere on the beach, but nothing came up in my few days of Groupon watching that wasn't in Tahiti.  Now don't get me wrong, I would adore Tahiti- but at $3500 per ticket for airfare its not going to happen. Plus, none of us have ever visited the area before and I love exploring new places and spaces.

Let the trip planning begin!


  1. We live in Williamsburg and used to live in VA Beach... I'll try to give you some "insider" tips. :-)

    Your little one may not enjoy all of the historic buildings but he will certainly get a kick out of the drum and fife march which usually takes place at 5:00 near the courthouse (in historic area).

    Busch gardens is here and is ALWAYS a great time for adults and children alike.

    Water Country USA is also here if y'all like water parks. My son is 13 so we pretty much live there in the summer, lol

    Pirate golf on bypass road is always fun...

    Great Wolf Lodge offers day passes and is a children's paradise- it is also right here in Williamsburg.

    The bounce house on Richmond road is fun for children but can get really crowded so go early.

    Jamestown and Yorktown are only a short drive and are worth a visit if you are into history (and beautiful scenery). Also, the Smithfield ferry is right at Jamestown and is a fun jaunt.

    For food I would make sure to eat at one of the colonial taverns (King's Arms is our favorite but they are all good). Beware the pancake house trap- so many of them are really, really horrid. Astronomical Pancake house (near the outlets) is the best in the area or there is always Baker's Crust near New Town if you want something with a bit more ambiance. La Yaca is the best place in town and has amazing food- if you get their lunch special it isn't terribly pricey but dinner is where they shine. If you like Indian you MUST go to Nawab... it is awesome. More good spots to eat are Blue Talon Bistro, the Cheese Shop, Ichiban in New Town and Mongolian Peking (hidden near the Kmart on bypass road) has a great buffet.

    Don't leave town without having dessert at Mad About Chocolate. It is Marcel Desaulniers newest venture and he is a master with chocolate and desserts!

    For VA Beach Bubba's has great seafood- make sure to sit outside so you can see the boats come in (beware Capt'n Georges seafood buffet- it has mediocre food and the locals avoid it like the plague!) One Fish Two Fish on shore drive also has great food- much of it locally caught. If you are into deli food 58 deli is the best ever (their Reuben are a mile high).

    There is a large children's playground right on the beach and they frequently have bands and performing artists there as well. Take a pic with the giant Neptune statue and make sure to visit the Cape Henry lighthouse at Ft.Story. The VA Beach amusement park is more for older kids but could be a fun place to spend a few hours.

    Sorry for such a long post. Hope this helps!

  2. Drat, I forgot to add- if you like movies and want something to do at night Movie Tavern on Richmond Road is FABULOUS! The food is just so-so but the theater itself is great.


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