Monday, July 2, 2012

Nine Months Old

Grayson Boy-

Happy summer, baby boy! Mommy was so excited for summer to come so I had a chance to spend three glorious months with you. You learn things so fast, and I just want to be able to see them for the first time...rather than being told by Daddy and Grandma all of the fun tricks you have mastered in your day.

·        At your 9 Month appointment you weighed in at 21 pounds 8 ounces, right in the 66th percentile. However, you were 29.5 inches- ranking up in the 86th percentile. You’re tall bubbers- that we already knew. You’re still mostly in 6-9 month shirts and size 3 diapers, but you need 9-12 month shorts or pants, because as Daddy pointed out you are not preparing for any floods.
·        This month you started asserting your independence- you want to feed yourself, brush your own teeth, dress yourself- all of a sudden and at once. You let me help you get the shirt over your head, but you want to put your arms through yourself- or you have yourself a mini breakdown. Same with tooth brushing- you’ll let me brush them for about 30 seconds before you wield the brush yourself. I swear, the way you like to brush your teeth I won’t be surprised if you decide to be a dentist someday. Literally every time you go into the bathroom, you're begging at the sink to brush away.

·        You took your first little baby step (and Momma got to see it!) at Haley and Jeremy’s house. You stepped from the couch to the coffee table, and were so proud of yourself. Mommy cried, and Daddy yelled because he missed it.
·        You also associated your first word this month! Daddy was asleep with you on the futon in your room, and when I walked in to wake him you woke up instead. You looked up at me with those pretty blue eyes and said "Mama" with a big old grin. I swear little boy, you made me melt into the carpet. I was your first word, and for that when you turn 16 you can pick out any car you like. You have since said Dada to Daddy and Nana to Grammy. You made both of them cry, but I was always quick to remind them that I was first.

·        Other tricks we are working on is so big, waving, and high fives. If we say to you "How big is Grayson?" you lift your little hands above your head as we say "Soooo big!" Sometimes you even lift your arms and look at us as if you say, "Well, how big am I?" You wave, but it’s mostly backwards and you give high fives when you feel like it. We're definitely in the early stages of mastering those skills.

·        You drink water from a sippy all day long, and have been working on taking the fork out of our hands to feed yourself. It makes every meal take 10 times longer, but it’s so cute to see.

·        We started our summer bucket list, and have been doing all kinds of fun things together. I hope you look back on all of this someday and say that you are glad we did so much stuff with you- we really want you to know how much we enjoy you and enjoy being your Mommy and Daddy. We want to make sure you have all kinds of fun experiences and memories- so we refuse to think that you are too little to enjoy things and are just trying to expose you to as much as we can.

·        Gizzy has made up to you a bit this month- she actually lets you play with her! You crawl around dragging her sock puppy and she chases you around in slow motion. She loves you, that’s easy to see; she’s just not too fond of you stealing her attention or pulling on her ears. Since you've started to eat more food and are kind enough to give her bites- she really likes you more than she did a few months ago.

Bubbers, I can't wait to do more fun things with you as we spend every day together. Im looking forward to our first vacation as a family, and seeing you learn to walk. Im so blessed to have such a sweet, smart, funny little boy to call mine- even if I do have to share you with Daddy.


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