Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whats for Dinner Tonight? Crock Pot Mexican Chicken

This is one of my all time go-to meals, its seriously that good and completely customizable. It tastes exactly like chicken you get at good Mexican restaurants, and since its done in the crock pot it makes your whole house smell yummy too!

I found the original recipe over at Dinner With the Bickfords - but I have modified it to suit the picky, picky hubs.

1 pound chicken breast
2 Tbsp of taco seasoning
1 clove garlic
1 jar Salsa (I use either Mild or Medium, whatever I have on hand)
1 small can corn
White or Brown Rice
Shredded cheddar cheese

(You can also add onions, red or green peppers, jalapenos, beans- whatever you would like)

First- line the crock pot with a Slow Cooker Liner. Seriously, the best thing ever because there is virtually no clean up after dinner. They always have coupons for them online, and I get a pack of 3 for around $2. Well worth me not having to scrub the crock pot out.

Next, cut the chicken into bite sized chunks. To make quick work of this, I just hold the breast up and use a pair of kitchen scissors to snip pieces off. It goes much quicker than if I were to use a knife, and since I'm usually throwing this in the crock pot at 5 am its much safer for the digits.

To the chicken add the jar of salsa, can of corn, and taco seasoning. Using a grater (or you can mince it if you prefer) grate in the garlic so you don't have big garlic chunks. Stir to combine.

Set the crock pot on high for 4 hours or low for 6 and you're all set.

Once you come home, stir up the chicken- it should be fall apart tender.  Make your rice, we use minute rice cause we're lazy like that. Plate up a scoop of rice and top with the chicken mix, then add some shredded cheddar cheese to the top. There you have it, instant happy tummy.



  1. Looks really good!

  2. Totally trying this!!! It looks great! Thanks for your blog and ideas :)

  3. I was just browsing though the blog for things I may have missed. I don't have a clue how I missed this! Looks yummy. I had all the stuff on hand and now it's in my crockpot : )

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